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Pharmacy Services

Encino Hospital Medical Center’s experienced clinical pharmacists are an integral part of a patient’s medical team. The Pharmacy Department provides safe, comprehensive and progressive pharmaceutical services of the highest quality in order to maximize care for our patients, both adults and infants. Our pharmacists work together with your attending physician and care team to evaluate your drug allergies, nutritional restrictions and general medical condition to determine the pharmaceutical solutions most beneficial to your recovery.

For further information, contact us at 818-995-5000.

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We offer technologically advanced pharmaceutical dispensing and monitoring systems, partnered with the individualized care and focus of a community hospital. We take the time to consider your individual needs before prescribing any medication.

The hospital has installed a medication management system designed to improve collaboration between pharmacists and nurses. The Pyxis MedStations also contain features intended to increase patient safety and speed the delivery of drugs to patients. The system electronically generates patient medication lists and can display the status of orders in the pharmacy’s electronic order. It also has advanced reporting capabilities and warning systems that alert clinicians to potential medical errors prior to dispensing medications. Utilizing Pyxis, we ensure that you receive your medication on time and in the correct order.