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Senior Emergency Room

An experience like no other.

We created a different kind of emergency room for persons 65 and above, right inside the Emergency Department (ED) at Encino Hospital Medical Center. Our Senior ER provides comfort, safety, and reduces the stress of seniors, their families and their caregivers. We deliver compassionate, comprehensive, and specialized geriatric emergency care. Our experts and interdisciplinary approach make the difference.

The Senior ER at Encino Hospital Medical Center implements evidence based emergency medicine and developed standardized set of guidelines that can effectively improve the care of the geriatric population. The ED follows the recommendations by authorities in geriatric care and ensures a safe transition throughout the continuum including clinically relevant information to the patient/family and outpatient care providers.

The emergency room maintains relationships and resources in the community that can be used by patients on discharge to facilitate care such as involving the patient’s primary care provider for direct follow-up clinical evaluation. Encino Hospital Medical Center’s Senior ER is designed to assist older adults that have complicated health histories, take multiple medications, suffer from functional and cognitive impairments, and other ailments.

For further information, contact us at 818-995-5000.

Geriatric Emergency Room

GEDA-bronzesealOur geriatric care providers understand the seniors’ need to maintain an environment that is conducive to the provision of care, treatment, and other medical services. The senior-specific emergency room highlights the following features:

  1. Individualized care planning suited for the geriatric patient
  2. Treatment areas with low lit lighting/dimmers
  3. Pressure-reducing mattresses
  4. Skid resistant flooring
  5. Geriatric reclining chairs
  6. Hearing and visual aids
  7. Large clocks
  8. Large print signage and documents

Specialized Care for Elders

The Senior ER is part of Encino Hospital Medical Center’s Comprehensive Senior Care Program offering:

  1. Board certified physicians in emergency medicine; who have knowledge in the care and treatment of geriatric population.
  2. Licensed nurses, rehabilitation professionals, and other professional health care providers who have undergone rigorous education and training specializing in the care and services of the geriatric population.
  3. An interdisciplinary collaborative care model is used in the provision of care, treatment, and services throughout the continuum. Encino Hospital’s Comprehensive Senior Care Program consists of a specialized, patient-centered Senior ER, Geriatric Inpatient Wing and Transitional Outpatient Services.