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Rehabilitation Services

The First Step in Rebuilding Lives

Encino Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services Department provides high quality and compassionate care to all of our patients. Our scope of service includes physical, occupational, speech and swallowing evaluations and treatments. Our experienced and caring therapists work closely with you, your physician and your family to create a comprehensive treatment plan. Each treatment plan is individualized after a thorough evaluation of your medical and physical condition as well as a discussion of your individual goals. Every attempt is then made to tailor the eventual outcome of therapy to your specific needs. Therapists will also provide education to you and/or your caregivers about home treatment plans to maximize the benefits of therapy and improve chances for a sustainable recovery of function.

For further information, contact us at 818-995-5000.

Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Services are provided at your bedside. Physical therapists treat problems of mobility, loss of strength or balance and may recommend the use of an assistive device to aid you. Occupational therapists assist you in performing activities of daily living including eating, bathing and dressing. They help you learn new ways to complete these tasks and may provide adaptive equipment. Speech and language pathologists address problems of communication and/or swallowing which may result from many neurological and other medical conditions. Swallowing evaluations are done at the bedside and/or performed in conjunction with Radiology. Our therapists work closely with the healthcare team and case managers to recommend the appropriate level of care, type of therapy or other services that you may need after your discharge from the hospital.